Get Ready For The Westminster Kennel Club Party At Kardinal Hall On Tuesday, February 13th at 8 pm!


1. On Location And Behind The Scenes At Animal Connection

Join Pattie Boden, Jacqueline Langholtz, Josh Hunt and Jerry Miller for the Westminster Kennel Club party on Tuesday, February 13 from 8-11 pm at Kardinal Hall. This event marks Jacqueline’s 10th annual Westminster Kennel Club party. Jacqueline knows parties like the Pope knows Holy Water!

Get ready for trivia, gift bags for everyone, special prizes for guessing the top dog in each group category, a very special prize for guessing the “Best In Show” and some of the best beer in Charlottesville! The prizes are a generous gift from Pattie Boden, the owner of Animal Connection, while Josh Hunt, the owner of Kardinal Hall, will offer tremendous hospitality and some of THE BEST beers in Charlottesville! You don’t want to miss this throw-down, baby!!

Get to know Animal Connection by clicking HERE!
Find directions to Kardinal Hall HERE!

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